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Friday we slept in, and drove to Tarragona, which is a city of a population of 130,000. Founded in the 5th century BC, Modern Tarragona is a university town and they have a large chemical plant. We mistakenly took the wrong exit and were surprised to visit the Roman aqueduct called the Devil’s Bridge. We were able to actually walk on it. We then drove into Tarragona in time to for the train to show us the city.
We hopped off in the fish district to have lunch, the girls feasted their eyes on the very handsome waiter (and he did likewise). Then we caught the train to the old roman city. Roberto, Dominique, Diego and Sarah departed from all to wall the old city. They stopped at the Catedral De Tarragona, dates from the 12-13th century, has both gothic and romanic features. Inside the Cathedral we encountered a musical group practicing Beethoven's 7th symphony, which was a treat. We then made our way to buy candy, then to the amphitheater.
The Roman ruins are from the 2nd century, it was found excavated in 1960s. A christian church was built on top of the roman amphitheater,, built in the 2nd century and demolished in 1915.
After leaving the roman ruins we made our way to the beach, Playa del Mircle. This beach has beautiful sand, warm water, and shallow water for a good distance. We spent many hours until dusk there. We discovered many locals setting up picnics to watch the sunset, but then learned fireworks were planned, but we could not stay. We then picked up provisions at a local grocery and drove home. Diego was showing signs of becoming ill. It was very late when we arrived home, but we had a nice Egyptology conversation over spaghetti and meatballs.


Lunch: L'Ancora del Serrallo in Tarragona. Great European lobster paella, and other very yummy seafood.
Dinner: Spaghetti & meatballs at home