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Cadaques, Girona
Google Fit: 2:37
Wednesday, we slept in, the boys ran to town to play basketball, but were chased off school grounds by the trashmen. We drove 2 hours to Cadaques, were Salvador Dali lived for many years, a town with 1 road into the beach. It has beautiful white buildings with blue accents, much like Greece. They have an abundance of slate rock and use it for everything, roads, sidewalks, stacked in fences. Many of boats in the cove were covered since it was a weekday. The beach was rocky. The weather could not have been better, beautiful sunshine and a slight breeze. The Salvador Dali statue was haughty and not at all what we believed he would have approved. We had a lunch of tapas and then some swim time. Walked the small, narrow streets. Then all piled into the small train that took up from Cadaques to Port Ligat, so we could see the view. We rode past Dali’s house that he built here. It is an modern style with heads on the roof as well as an egg. On the drive home we stopped in Girona for dinner. Girona’s medieval quarter dates from the 11th century. We were there late in the day, so the stores were all closed. We visited the Santa Maria of Girona basilica to see the outside, it appears gothic with high ceilings and corinthian columns, the basilica dates from 1030, but was first a catholic church, then moorish mosque, then again a catholic church.


Lunch, drinks and snacks in Cadaques at Bar Bola, by the beach.
Dinner in GIrona, Really good Italian at L’Arcada