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Elne and Colliure, France
Google Fit: 1:25
Monday, we slept late and drove to Elne, France to meet up with Jorge Manzano and his wife Jie-yeon Jeon (They’re both artists). We visited a 10th century church that had unique columns and we were able to climb up to the roof to see the whole town. There were many artists in the town including Jorge and his wife, we saw a instrument maker making harps. Jorge work is amazing and light airy works of stone. His wife works on paper.
Eva stayed with Jorge and his wife for lunch, and the rest of us drove to Collioure, France for the beach. We had a yummy lunch of mussels and oysters. The beach was very rocky, very french. We climbed the sea wall out to the lighthouse. It is a beautiful town, very picturesque. We were not able to enter the chateau as it was private property. We stayed in town until sundown and drove home late.


Late lunch at Brasserie de la Marine in Collioure, the mussels with Foie Glas were delicious.
Dinner: I don’t remember, we were probably full and tired