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Sunday, we slept in a bit less, and made our way to Monserrat, an Abbey in the Catalan Pre-Coastal Mountains. It is a large area with difficult parking. There are many hikes, one in particular to see the black mary figure in the cave. Unfortunately, the trams were on strike, so we were unable to take the tram to the cave. We visited the Basilica and Museu de Montserrat The Basilica was quite plain, post gothic style, with corinthian columns.
After leaving Monserrat, we drove to the small town at the bottom of the hill, Monistrol de Montserrat, and ate lunch at El Raco, an excellent suggestion from clerk outside of Montserrat selling cheese. The snails were delicious, the service was great and the waiter was quite funny.
We turned in early, for once and the rest of the night was relaxing at home, the girls had dinner on Cabris, and the boys with energy after napping, swam at midnight.


Lunch at El Raco in Monistrol de Montserrat
Dinner: we split up for dinner, some of us stayed at the house, others went to Cabrils for dinner