Inicio / España/Catalunya 2016 / June 25: Barcelona, Cabrils 10

Google Fit: 1:14
Saturday, we slept in a little bit, then drove to Plaza Catalunya, so the kids could have more freedom and shopping. Roberto and I met with Paco, Sandra, and their son. We had a lovely lunch at a local restaurant, with a potato pancake from the south of Spain. We shared a rose cava and finally dessert. We met up with the family and all drove out to the Port Olympic to see the beach and water sports. All 5 kids rode an inflatable thing pulled by the boat. The adults sat down with Paco and his wife, to share stories over both white and red sangria. Spain is a country that drinks a lot; I still am shocked that a bottle of wine is nearly as cheap as a soda. After leaving the beach we visited Carrefour for more groceries, then drove to the beach to light the fireworks we bought for Sant Joan holiday, (whe had not been able to launch them on that night). We made our way home, the kids had cheese quesadillas, then off to bed.


Lunch: We split up, Sarah and Roberto had lunch with Paco’s family at El Cercle… a beautiful Terrassa that we will come back to. Definitely would visit again
Sangria at Pacha at the Barceloneta beach
Dinner: Quesadillas at home