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Cabrils, Barcelona
Google Fit: 0:15 (no way, probably wrong!)
Friday, we slept in, and lounged in the morning. We had a delightful lunch at a local Calbris restaurant, then visited the Jean Miro museum, near the Olympic Village. I like Miro for his fun drawings. the textiles were very large and so detailed. And we saw a mercury sculpture by Alexander Calder, that is both beautiful and deadly.
In the evening we attended an informal jazz concert on the roof of the La Pedrera, a apartment building built and decorate by Gaudi. The ironwork is wonderful and the roof undulates and has stairs to ever level


Lunch in Cabrils at Can Rin: the food was amazing, I know, I keep on saying that word, but it was.
Dinner: By this point we wanted to branch out a bit from Spanish food, so after the concert in La Pedrera we went a block away to an Italian restaurant (Samoa)