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Google Fit: 2:28
Tuesday, we drove to Barcelona to visit the Gaudi Museums and architecture. We woke and left the home mostly on time, we found parking near the open air tour bus stop, in Plaza de Catalunya.
We rode the open air bus around the city until we stop at Templo de la Sagrada Familia, Gaudi’s masterpiece church. The outside is covered in religious motifs and fruit, the inside is a collection of trees supporting the expansive ceiling. The windows are an amazing collection of color art in stained glass of cool and warm configurations. The building is still under construction with a completion year of 2026.
We then hopped on the open air tour bus to visit Park Guell, a preserved Gaudi housing project. Created between 1900 and 1914, the area was intended to be a housing development, There were 2 houses built and a 2 story veranda area. Broken mosaic tiles cover most surfaces creating a rich colorful experience, very modern for 1914.The housing project failed and the area was left in decline until the city reinvested monies during the Olympics in 2001 and created a park to protect the beautiful tiles. The two buildings at the entrance of the park remind me of gingerbread houses and the veranda area is expansive and has both straight and diagonally placed supports. The veranda has wonderful views of the city as it is perched on a hill.


Lunch while waiting for our turn at the Sagrada Familia at Restaurant Singular, super fresh food, organic and stuff. They grow some of their own veggies, and their tomatoes were some of the best in a land of tomatoes.
Dinner at the Restaurant Bonatapa in las Ramblas, this is a chain, the food was blah and I would not eat there again.