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Toc al Mar (Aiguablava)
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Monday we got to sleep in, Roberto and I got a morning run to Calbris.
We then drove 1.5 hours to the beach, Aiguablava. It is a beautiful cove with sand and rocks. There were many people but we found space for all of us. We dined at a local restaurant with a view of the water, and had delicious dark paella, a white creamy paella, and a red paella, grilled octopus, and mussels. The kids rented a large floaty that held all 5 of them, and took it out to explore the rocky coast. We had fun swimming, but the water was cold. We drove home tired and made quesadillas for dinner.


Lunch at Toc al Mar in Aiguablava… another of the best meals we had, we tried four different type of arrossos (rice based dishes, the most famous of which is Paella
Dinner, we had Quesadillas for dinner at home.