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Besalu, Figueres
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Sunday we really tried to leave early, but made it out later. We visited the Caves of Reclau prehistoric caves on the way to the town of Besalu.There was a large old bridge, Pont Fortificat, that was neat to see. We walked through the bazaar, but did not find any thing to buy.
We then drove to Figueres, where we visited the Salvador Dali’s Studio and Castle. It was a rushed visited but I loved the building, with the eggs on top, so Dali! It was a highlight of my trip. We met up with Eva’s long time friend Jorge over coffee and ice cream. He and his wife Jie-yeon are both artists and she knows korean, french, and english, and he knows spanish, french, and english. It was cool hearing stories.
We made our way back home, and cooked out on the patio. We gave Eva her birthday gift: an very cool album of photos and letters from people who love her, we laughed over all the cute and funny pictures.
Diego, Alex and Natalia started making brownies and Diego broke eggs on the floor and it was a debacle cleaning it up.


Lunch at Curia Real besalu. The food was just so-so and the service was pretty bad, we ate lunch at their cafe instead of the restaurant (which did look good). But we did have a very nice view of the river. Dinner at the house in Cabrils, we cooked up some steaks.