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Google Fit: 2:07
Saturday we all slept in, ate breakfast late and planned our week.We drove to Barcelona to attend Sonar, a multi-day DJ and band concert. It was at a local convention center with an open center. We first saw a band Dominique and Natalia wanted to see, Young Lean. Then the thunderstorms came and everyone outside was wet, we braved the drizzle to get lunch from the food trucks. Diego and Alex passed the time playing PlayStation. Both Eva and Sebastian stayed on their own, we met up with then after the band Alex wanted to see, ??.
We stayed to watch the water fountains in front of Montjuic. The water show was large and displayed down the boulevard, the show was set to music and lights. Afterwards, we had a late dinner nearby and drove home very tired around 1 am


Lunch at Food Trucks during the Sonar music festival, Roberto had an indian curry made by a lady from Puebla Mexico.
Dinner at Rias de Vigo, yet another amazing meal, nothing was bad here, the only thing is that I didn’t get to try their rum sauce Escargot because they were out