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Google Fit: 1:22
Thursday we woke with the entire day for Valencia. Breakfast was very nice, surrounded by not only our tired teens, but also a full class of high school students from the Canary Islands. We left our hotel to hurry and buy Eva a converter for her laptop and catch bus tour.
We rode to the old part of the city. There are several old buildings, but much of the modern city is built around them, there is not an isolated ‘old city”. We walked into the cathedral, but did not take the tour. We ate some ice cream, but did not walk around. Dominique bought a swimming suit bottom and Eva bought a hat.
We got back on the bus and made our way to the Calatrava buildings. The buildings are tremendous, iconic and memorable. We visited the last of the 4 buildings, the aquarium. It is the largest in Europe, it is a decent and memorable aquarium. We saw sharks, fish, alligators, manta rays, beluga whales and penguins. We had a delightful lunch at the underwater restaurant, where you can eat in a fishbowl. The 2 appetizer, main and dessert was a lot of food and I doubt we’ll be hungry for dinner.
We visited the science museum, the building is very unique, but the exhibits were just okay. The Calatrava buildings and bridge are not to be missed and the perfect reason to visit Valencia; and for the paella!


Lunch at L'Oceanografic Submarino Restaurant, a memorable high end eating experience at the aquarium in Valencia, the Foie Gras with chocolate was great!
Dinner… still too full from the late and long lunch!