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Cuenca, Valencia
Google Fit: 1:10
In the morning we had breakfast in our hotel and drove back to Cuenca in the daytime, visiting the Plaza Mayor, the hanging houses and the bridge for pictures. Then we visited the Modern Museum of Cuenca, which is housed in a hanging house and had a very nice collection of modern art. We had lunch at a ho-hum tapas bar and then headed out to drive to Valencia Valencia is quite a large city, very expansive especially when seen from the freeway (786k people). We found our hotel, parked our large car and spent a lot of time getting our luggage up to the room. We took the metro and had a wonderful meal of Valencia paella, one with chicken and rabbit and one with seafood. It was scrumptious. Part way through dinner a group of young kids came to watch the soccer game between France and Albania, they were rooting for the french team. I do not know who won as we left before the game was over. The walk back was odd, it was late, with very few people about, but we were not harassed nor felt unsafe, very unlike the United States.


Lunch at Restaurant San Juan, one of the restaurants in Cuenca’s Plaza mayor.
Dinner at El Encuentro, in downtown Valencia, amazing paella