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Madrid, Toledo & Cuenca
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Pack move out, rent car, see Toledo, drive to Cuenca.
Tuesday morning was very hectic, trying to get everyone packed and the apartment cleaned properly and not forgetting everything. Roberto and Eva rented a car, the big van and it was a slow process. After we packed it all in the car, learning double parking is valid in Madrid, we drove out to Toledo. Toledo is a walled spanish city. It is very large and has very confusing “streets” with tall walls and cobblestone streets. First we ate at a hotel restaurant and were not much impressed with their tapas, editable but not inspiring. Then we visited the Catedral de Toledo, which was huge, I mean a football sized cathedral. It had very high ceilings and tremendous gold leaf. The choir was beautifully carved wood. This was a very rich cathedral. Then we walked to see Greco’s The Burial of the Count Orgaz, one of Greco’s main paintings. Honestly it is historically interesting, but not to my personal liking. We had coffee and tea outside, it was a beautiful sunny day. Then we walked to the El Transito Synagogue, a very old Synagogue. It’s the first time I’ve been in a historic Synagogue. Eva proposed a taxi down the hill, which we all graciously accepted. Then all piled into the car and drove to Cuenca, arriving near dinner time. We drove into the old city to have dinner at a local tapas bar. As day turned into night we strolled about the city to take pictures. We made our way out to the wooden bridge, which is very tall and gives Dominique and Diego the willies.


Lunch at a cafe in Toledo, around the corner of the Jewish quarter, service was not great
Dinner at Mangana, one of the restaurants in Cuenca’s Plaza mayor.