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Google Fit: 1:52
Roberto and I woke up Sunday and took a walk around the city, discovered the high end shopping district, then got the call that the family’s plane had landed. Yay! We walked home and welcomed the very tired but excited Dominique, Diego and Eva to Madrid. They were very jet-lagged but we convinced them to see the city. We took the metro to Calle Sol.

We walked all around, then rode the open-top tourist buses traveling around the city to see the sights. The kids had a lot of difficulty staying awake. We exited the tour bus near our apartment and prepared for dinner.

Then we went out for dinner. We found Sagasta 28 Bistro just a few blocked from the apartment. We started with an olive oil tasting, then to steak tartar and croquettes with ham and cheese, wine, a meat plate with various jamons. Then shared a grass fed free-range beef chop. Ending with shots of liqueur (coffee, chocolate, caramel and sour apple).


Lunch at Some Random restaurant at Plaza del Sol: you really have to know which one to go into, they’re all very touristy and we ended up in a mediocre one. Nothing a bit of Sangria can’t cure.
Dinner at “sagasta 28 bistró&gourmet”: One of the best meals we had in the whole trip, their steak was outstanding, but everything else was also great.